Refuge Transformation and Construction Updates

Construction photo of wetland unit 5 2.22.18

Welcome to our site for construction updates!  Learn more about ongoing projects, road closures and watch our transformation.

 Welcome to our site for construction updates!  As many of you know there are several projects happening on and near the refuge right now. Although we may not be the lead on many of these projects, our goal is to provide you with all the information we have available. Here's a quick list of projects happening on the refuge and in the area over the next couple months.

 Visitor Center and Maintenance Complex Construction:  Almost complete. We hope to take possession of the buildings by the end of 2021.  Due to Covid 19 concerns, we may not be able to open the building right way.  We do plan to transition to using the parking lot, bathrooms and outdoor seating for visitors. 

Mural Trail: Habitat Murals are being relocated along a about 1mile loop trail.  Visitors will be able to start the trail from the new Visitor Center.

Wetland Creation: US Bureau of Reclamation, our great partners, are almost finished constructing wetland unit 1 and 2 on the far west side of the refuge.  

AMAFCA stormwater drainage swale:  This 142 acre shallow swale will serve to provide flood relief for communities to the north and east.  Timeline for completion is late 2022. Questions or concerns about this project should be directed to

Keep up with all our construction projects via the facebook page or by joining the weekly listserv, just email to join.