Bald Eagle Tours

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Visit the Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge for an exciting eagle tour!  This 2 1/2 hour tour takes you to remote areas of the Refuge (Grassy Island and Long Point), as well as other eagle hot spots around Reelfoot Lake.  You can expect to see bald eagles, ducks, geese, hawks, harriers, pelicans, American kestrals, and a variety of small birds.  It is a common occurrence to see juvenile eagles playing in the skies, flipping each other over in the wind.  Lucky visitors have even seen mature eagles during their courting display as they lock talons and spiral to the ground below, only to let go before they land.  Eagles have been seen bringing nesting materials to their nests, eating a duck or goose on the ground, or proudly perching in a tree on the roads edge.  

Why take a guided eagle tour?

-If you haven't been around Reelfoot Lake much, or if it's just been a long time, going on an eagle tour is very helpful!  Having an experienced guide is key to finding bald eagles.  Eagles are creatures of habit and sit in the same trees, and sometimes the same limb, very often.  Our guides know where to look and what to look for. 

-You may discover places you didn't even know existed around Reelfoot Lake.

-Having an experienced guide can assist you in wildlife identification.  How can you tell the difference between a juvenile bald eagle and golden eagle?  Was that duck a mallard or norther shoveler?  What is the tiny little bird that sits on the power lines that resembles a small hawk?  These questions can be easily answered by our guides.

-You can learn so much on our guided eagle tours while you search for eagles, such as how the lake was formed, what the refuge was established for, the successful eagle hacking program, and more. 

-Your family or group experience is important to us!  We genuinely want you to leave wanting to come back!   By only taking a group of 5 people or less per tour, we cater to your family/group.  If you have young kids with short attention spans, we can do a quicker tour.  If you are a photographer that wants to take a picture of every bird you see, we can stay out a little longer.  You are not at the mercy of a large group on a tight schedule.

 -You can explore and discover the unique areas of Reelfoot Lake for FREE while being chauffeured around.

Maybe you have done an eagle tour before and want to give it shot on your own.  Come by the Reelfoot NWR visitor center and pick up one of our eagle tour maps to  keep you on the right track!

Always dress warmly, bring your binoculars, camera, and maybe something to snack on along the way. 

So what is stopping you?  Sign up for a FREE guided eagle tour today and experience the natural beauty of Reelfoot Lake!  To make reservations, obtain directions, or to ask further questions, please give us a call