Black Point Wildlife Drive

A seven mile auto tour

The best place to see wildlife is along the Black Point Wildlife Drive. The 7-mile, one-way drive follows a dike road around several shallow marsh impoundments and through pine flatwoods. This provides an excellent place to see waterfowl (in season), wading birds, shorebirds and raptors. Alligators, river otters, bobcats, various species of snakes, and other wildlife may be visible as well. A self-guiding brochure (available near the drive entrance) will provide information on things to look for. Driving time is approximately 40 minutes.

There is a $10 fee (cash or check) per vehicle for a day pass or you can purchase a yearly pass for $25 at the Visitor Information Center. Duck Stamps, America the Beautiful Passes (annual, senior, and access), and Canaveral National Seashore passes may be substituted for the refuge pass. 

Buses and vehicles over 29 feet and 2.5 tons are prohibited on the drive. 

Pets are allowed on Cruickshank trail, but must be kept on leash. 

Restrooms are provided at the Cruckshank Trail stop.


Facts About Black Point Wildlife Drive

Wildlife is most active in the early morning or late afternoon.

Our peak wildlife season is from October to March.

Wildlife are accustomed to quiet, slow-moving vehicles. Drive slowly and look carefully. 

Don't approach or feed wildlife.