eastern tiger swallowtail  512 x 368

Invertebrates are animals that lack an internal skeleton. Many of them have an exoskeleton, which give their bodies protection and shape, such as the hard outer shell of lobsters and beetles. Some invertebrates are able to create their own protective shell out of calcium while others don't have a skeleton of any kind.

  • Monarch Butterfly

    Monarch 150 x 118

    The monarch butterfly is easily one of the most well-known butterflies in America. They are known for their bright orange and black pattern and their amazing migration journey made each year from Canada to Mexico.

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  • Dragonfly

    Dragonfly larvae 150 x 116

    Many different species of dragonflies can be found on the refuge, each one having it's own unique colors and characteristics. Did you know that dragonflies live most of their lives under water? It's true! These inverts spend their time as nymphs in the water before they hatch out as adult dragonflies

  • Ladybug

    Ladybug 150 x 118

    The insect known as the ladybeetle, or ladybug is one of the 4 listed Tennessee state insects. They are generally considered useful insects because many species feed on aphids or scale insects which can be harmful to garden or agricultural crops. They are not to be confused with an look alike asian beetle which can mass in large numbers on a warm day in the wintertime.