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The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Complex has a small but dedicated and friendly staff that work primarily out of the Ridgefield, WA office. The following people may be able to answer your questions about the refuge, what we do to conserve and protect your natural resources, and how our organization can help you to do the same.

  • Refuge Project Leader - Christopher Lapp

    Christopher Lapp oversees all operations, programs and employees for the Complex. Contact him with questions regarding refuge operations, status of refuge projects, refuge management and policy.

    Office Phone: 360-887-4106 x127


  • Deputy Project Leader - Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson manages day to day operations and employees for the complex.  He also oversees all visitor services programs in the interim while the Visitor Services Manager position is vacant. Contact him with your questions about refuge management, public use programs, and permits including hunting, fishing, wildlife observation and photography.

    Office Phone: 360-887-4106 x126

    Cell Phone: 360-921-2116


  • Park Ranger - Josie Finley

    Josie Finley oversees the environmental education and volunteer programs, and the website management for the Complex. Contact her with your questions about student field trips, educator and student resources, volunteering, outreach and educational events on and off site, and website updates.

    Office Phone: 360-887-4106 x130

    Cell Phone: 360-608-2059


    For inquiries about the education program email  


  • Refuge Biologist - Alex Chmielewski

    Alex Chmielewski oversees all biological programs for the Complex. Contact him with your questions about wildlife sightings, wildlife or habitat management actions, and biological permits.

    Office Phone: 360-887-3883 x 12


  • Restoration Coordinator - Keith Rutz

    Keith Rutz is an employee of the Friends of the Ridgefield NWR who assists Refuge staff in coordinating habitat restoration programs. He oversees restoration planting and invasive species removal programs. Contact Keith with your questions about habitat restoration volunteering opportunities including tree planting and invasive plant control events.

    Office Phone: 360-887-3883 x 14


  • Plankhouse Coordinator - Sarah Hill

    Sarah Hill is an employee of the Friends of the Ridgefield NWR and coordinates the Plankhouse and cultural history programs on the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Contact Sarah with your questions about Chinookan history and lifeways, how to integrate these topics into your curriculum, partnership inquiries and other special projects that pertain to the Plankhouse.  

    Office Phone: 360-887-4106 x122


  • Cultural Educator - Juliet McGraw

    Juliet is an employee of the Friends of the Ridgefield NWR and helps with the education and interpretation for Plankhouse programs.  Contact Juliet for questions about Plankhouse visits, cultural education and outreach programs on and off of the Refuge, and volunteering for cultural programs.

    Office Phone: 360-887-4106 x123 



  • Steigerwald Lake Volunteer Coordinator - Jared Strawderman

    Jared Strawderman works for the Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards coordinating volunteers out of Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Washougal Washington.  Jared recruits, trains, and leads volunteers to do work at Steigerwald Lake, Franz Lake, and Pierce Refuges.  Contact Jared if you are interested in the latest opportunities.  

    Office Phone: 1-360-835-8767

    Cell Phone: 360-607-2698


Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016
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