Oaks to Wetlands Trail

Two miles of trail through Oak, Fir, Cedar, and Wetlands.
Oak Overlook - Mesha Wood - USFWS_520x289

Viewing opportunities change significantly with the seasons. From the basalt knolls wintering waterfowl, particularly swans, can be observed in multiple locations. Early spring is excellent for wildflowers and migrating songbirds. Summers activities at the Plankhouse offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the natural and cultural history of the Refuge.

The trail is graced by many magnificent Oregon white oaks that have weathered the centuries. This link offers a printable map of the Oaks to Wetland Trail. The northern-most loop of the Oaks to Wetland Trail is located on private property. The land owner has generously allowed the Refuge to maintain a trail during the summer months. Please respect the seasonal signage and trail closure on the north end of the trail from October 1 to February 29. This trail was recognized as a National Recreation Trail in 2005 by the Department of Interior.

Learn more about guided hikes on the Oaks to Wetlands Trail. 

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New trails on the Carty Unit under construction...

From the information kiosk at the Carty Unit you will notice a trail leading away from the pedestrian bridge toward town. This is the beginning of a trail that will allow travel from downtown to the Carty Unit safely year round. The current piece dead ends after .15 mile. The City of Ridgefield is expected to finish the rest of the trail and sidewalk in the fall of 2019.

Also, as you walk just past the Plankhouse you will notice another gravel trail breaking off to the west. This is the new Carty Trail that will, upon completion, allow visitors to walk from the Refuge to the Port of Ridgefield during the spring and summer months. 

During the winter (Oct 1 - April 31) this trail is open about .25 mile from the Plankhouse to the Gee Creek bridge. This trail and corresponding entrance at the Port is expected to be completed in the summer of 2019. Currently there is no entry from the Port.

Facts About Oaks to Wetlands Trail

Open year-round during daylight hours.

Provides both short and longer hiking opportunities. 

Much of the trail is lined with magnificent Oregon white oaks.