Waterfowl Hunting

At Ridgefield, the waterfowl hunt program is operated in a manner that is consistent and compatible with the purposes and goals of the Refuge and provides a quality experience for the hunter. This program contributes to the continuation of America's traditions and heritage in wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation.

  • Covid19 Pandemic

    Health Safety Accommodations

    At this time the program is planned to open in full capacity. See this years hunt regulations below for daily procedures. A few accommodations during this process will ensure that everyone has a safe hunting experience. 

    • Capacity under the check station awning is limited to no more than 3 hunter parties at any given time. 
    • Hunters are asked to give other hunt parties distance. 
    • Mask wearing is strongly encouraged while under awning, near check station staff, and anytime when social distancing is not achievable. 

    Federal, State and local Covid 19 guidance may dictate future changes in procedures.

  • Hunting on the Refuge

    Waterfowl hunting is permitted on approximately 760 acres of the Refuge in a spaced blind hunting area adjacent to the Auto Tour Route.  This program is run in accordance with State and Federal regulations and Refuge specific conditions to ensure a safe and quality experience for all visitors. 

    Hunting days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during the WA state waterfowl hunt season. Exceptions include any Federal holidays falling on those days. There are no early or late season dates open on the refuge. 

    2021/2022 Hunting Regulations

    Hunt Area Map

    Hunt Calendar

    Harvest Reports

    Link to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Hunting Regulations website

  • Reservations

    Optional Reservation Lottery

    Reservations are awarded through an electronic lottery system and give hunters first blind pick during the morning check-in. Reservations are not required nor transferable. Reservations lost due to a Refuge closure (dangerous weather conditions, safety issue, emergency, or government shutdown) will not be reissued or refunded.

    The lottery application fee is $1.00 per date selected, up to the maximum of 30 days. One application is allowed per person. Reservations for the entire season will be generated in one pre-season lottery and must be submitted electronically. Accompanying payment must be received by mail or deposited in the fee collection vault at the Carty Unit trailhead by 3:30 p.m. on September 13th, 2021. Paper applications are not valid. Any payments arriving in the mail after this date and time, even with a postmark of the 13th, will NOT be accepted.

    Updated 4:00 PM PST

    The reservation lottery application period has closed for the upcoming 2021-2022 Waterfowl Hunt Season. If you did not enter the lottery, read our regulations to learn more about your options to hunt on the Refuge this season. Lottery applicants that completed an application and submitted payment by the deadline will be entered into the lottery and will be notified of any picks they receive at a later date. 

    To help you ensure you see your email notification, be sure to also look in your "junk" inbox for an email regarding the waterfowl hunt program. 


    We will post here when all notifications have been sent.

  • Special Hunts

    November 11th: Veteran's Day

    A special Veteran's Day hunt event will be hosted in partnership with Washington Waterfowl Association and The Fallen Outdoors. This annual event pairs veterans that have never participated in waterfowl hunting with a skilled mentor. All participants are preselected to ensure everyone is supported for a quality hunt. No walk-in stand-by hunting will take place. To learn more about how to be involved in this event and others in the future, go to www.thefallenoutdoors.com

    October 30th: Refuge Youth Hunt

    Learn more about the annual Refuge Youth Hunt and how to apply by clicking here

    February 5th: State Youth, Veteran's and Active Duty Hunt Day

    The refuge will follow the state in reserving this day for youth, veterans and activity duty military personnel. The hunt day will operate as normal with standby hunters only (no reservations). This event will be fee-free.