For Educators

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No matter the age of the child, the subject matter being presented, or the experience of the teacher, Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful destination to teach and inspire. Just 20 minutes outside of Vancouver, WA this Refuge offers over 2 miles of trails, a diversity of habitats to study, wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities, and educator resources to support your trip.

  • Opportunities for Learning on the Refuge

    Any topic can be taught and inspired through nature. Use our trails with your own lesson plans or take advantage of what our volunteers educators have to offer. We are happy to provide you with an educational program geared toward fifth grade science curriculum as well as other suggested activities and lesson plans. These can be adjusted to fit any age, used on your own, or with the help of volunteer educators.

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  • Planning Your Field Trip

    Whether you would like assistance planning and leading your group or not, we ask that you please let us know when you are visiting to ensure that group visits do not conflict with other programs or management needs. We are also happy to provide groups with guides as they are available to help you onsite. Here are a few planning tips and the forms to request help for your field trip.

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  • Educator Resources

    To supplement visits to the Refuge for a variety of grades, an Educator's Guide to the program is available. Additionally, the Refuge offers an Educators’ Workshop annually to acquaint teachers and volunteers with the Refuge's education program, activities, and facilities.

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  • Common Questions

    Most questions that you may have are located in the Educator's Guide found in Additional Resources. However, here is an easy guide to some of the most common questions asked by groups.

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