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Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge is just east of the town of Washougal, WA and offers wildlife viewing year-round on the unique Gibbons Creek Wildlife Art Trail.


    Steigerwald Lake NWR

    Closed to All Public Access for Restoration 

    The Steigerwald Reconnection Project has begun. To ensure the safety of our visitors and our crews, the Refuge's trails are closed to all public access at this time. This closure includes the Refuge's parking lot, restrooms, and access to both the Refuge's interior trails (currently) and the Columbia River Dike Trail (the levee trail) that parallels the Columbia River (as of July 6th, 2020). 

    The Refuge Trails and Dike Trail east of Captain William Clark Park, will be closed to all public access until the Spring of 2022. Please respect this closure while habitat and public use opportunities are enhanced.

    Learn More: Steigerwald Reconnection Project

  • Public Engagement and Volunteer Activities - Postponed

    In an effort to be community focused, all public events and volunteer activities are postponed until further notice for the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Ridgefield,Steigerwald Lake, Pierce and Franz Lake).

  • Seasonal Trail Closures

    The eastern segment of the trail will be closed from October 1 to May 1 to reduce disturbance to wintering waterfowl. Please respect this closure as it allows both people and wildlife to use and enjoy the same area while keeping to the conservation mission of the Refuge. 

  • Directions

    From Interstate 5 (both north and south) take Exit 1A WA-14 E toward Camas.

    Continue onto WA-14 E for 17.7 miles.

    Take a right into the entrance just after mile marker 18. 

    Note: You will pass Washougal on the left and then the Columbia River National Scenic Area sign on the right, before the entrance.

  • Public Transportation

    The Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge is accessed by public transportation through the Gorge West End Transit (WET) bus. Using the WET bus a visitor could bus to the Refuge and hike back to Washougal using Refuge trails. Visitors could also use the WET Bus to support a full day visit to the Refuge.

    West End Transit Bus Schedule 

  • Fees

    There are no fees to visit the Refuge at this time.

    Visitor facilities still take considerable money and staff resources to maintain. Please make sure that you leave no trace while you are here and respect the facilities that take so much volunteer and staff time to make available to you.

    Learn more about special permits

  • Visitor Facilities

    Parking, information kiosks, and restroom facilities are located at the entrance.

    There are no drinking fountains, picnic areas, or garbage cans available so please come ready to pack out what you bring in.

    Facilities are almost exclusively maintained by volunteers so please respect their hard work and leave everything as you found it.

    Note: Garbage thrown in toilets is NOT retrievable. If the toilets are filled with trash they will eventually have to be closed permanently.  Please help us keep this facility functional for everyone and take your trash home with you.

  • Activities Harmful to Wildlife

    Because this is a home for wildlife, activities that disturb wildlife are restricted.

    Please leave the following at home:
         - Bicycles, scooters, etc.
         - Horses, dogs, or any other animal (except for certified service animals)
         - Electric or gas-powered off-road vehicles unless needed for a disability
         - Anything used to collect plants or animals

  • Groups

    The parking has one parking area for a bus or RV. Pre-scheduled group tours are asked to check in with Refuge management to ensure that they are not conflicting with an already scheduled group. Assistance for schools and other educational groups may also be available. Please contact Mesha Wood for more information at 360-835-8767 or