Limited Interest Refuges

Limited Interest National Wildlife Easement Refuges

Valley City Wetland Management District manages four Limited-interest Refuges: Hobart Lake, Sibley Lake, Stoney Slough, and Tomahawk. These refuges were established by Executive Orders during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration and were set aside as "a refuge and breeding grounds for migratory birds and other wildlife."



The land within the Refuge boundaries is private land. The Fish and Wildlife Service does not own the land. The Service maintains the water rights and the right to restrict "hunting , trapping and willful disturbance of any bird or wild animal of any kind whatsoever within the limits of the refuge or to enter thereon…".

The private landowner reserves the right to hay, graze, burn and manage the land with no intervention from the Service.


Hobart Lake Limited-interest National Wildlife Refuge

Hobart Lake is 2,077 acres located in Barnes County five miles west of Valley City. The Refuge is divided in half by Interstate Highway 94 running east and west. The Fish and Wildlife Service owns 277 acres in fee title and the remaining acres are covered by easement. Three nesting islands in the northeast corner of the Refuge that were constructed by Ducks Unlimited have been submerged since 1993.

The Refuge is a migration stopover for waterfowl. In addition, tundra swans frequently use the Refuge during spring and fall migrations. Much of the Refuge lands are cultivated by the owner; however, some waterfowl nesting and brood rearing takes place on portions of the Refuge. There are some limited opportunities for wildlife observation and photography from public roads around the Refuge.


Stoney Slough Limited-interest National Wildlife Refuge

Stoney Slough is an 880 acre refuge, bordering 1120 acres of Waterfowl Production Area. Portions of the refuge contains permanent and temporary pools of wetlands. The refuge is a popular stop over for snow geese and white-fronted geese during fall migration.

Stoney Slough Refuge is located approximately 13 miles south and 4 miles west of Valley City and can be reached via Highway 1 South. Potential wildlife observation and photography opportunities are available from roads adjacent to and through the Refuge.


Tomahawk Limited-interest National Wildlife Refuge

Tomahawk Refuge is a 440 acre Refuge located in Barnes County approximately 20 miles northwest of Valley City. The west edge of the easement refuge can be seen from Highway 1 North.


Sibley Lake Limited-interest National Wildlife Refuge

Sibley Lake is a 1,077 acre Refuge located 45 miles northwest of Valley City. Sibley Lake NWR is located in Griggs County, and is located 10 miles west and 3 miles north of Cooperstown. The Refuge is adjacent to a Waterfowl Production Area and a State owned Wildlife Management Area.

The refuge contains a 525 acre fresh water marsh that provides excellent migratory bird habitat. Sibley Lake NWR is open to deer hunting in accordance with North Dakota Game and Fish seasons and regulations.


***For current regulations for any mentioned Refuges contact the Valley City Wetland Management District.