Current Conditions

Updated October, 2017
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Most roads within the Refuge are open, but some secondary roads will be signed and temporarily closed while management activities are underway. Signs will be removed when it is safe for visitors to drive into the area.

Cooler and wetter conditions have returned quickly to the region. Visitors should expect high temperatures in the upper-60's and low temperatures below freezing. Current weather forecasts are available from the  National Weather Service

The Blue Sky Road is open and passable to most vehicles, but some rougher areas near Post Meadow and Blue Sky are better suited for high clearance vehicles. Secondary roads, including Barnhardy Road from Hot Springs Campground to Guano Creek are open until December 1. Scattered thundershowers have reduced the fire danger, but as rains continue some areas will become wet and muddy. Drivers should use extra caution and be prepared.

If you are traveling off the maintained gravel roads you should have at least one extra spare tire, extra food, at least one extra gallon of water, a shovel, and leave information with someone detailing where you are going and when you plan to return. You should not expect to encounter other vehicles or visitors on these roads.

Facts About Current Conditions

Hart Mountain-Frenchglen Road is OPEN

Hot Springs Campground Road is OPEN

Blue Sky Road is OPEN

Barnhardy Road is OPEN UNTIL DEC. 1

Secondary Roads south of Refuge Headquarters are OPEN UNTIL DEC. 1 

Secondary Roads north of Refuge Headquarters are OPEN