Birds find shelter year-round at Dungeness.  Whether it's brant staying for the winter, least sandpipers migrating through in the fall, or chestnut-backed chickadees nesting in the summer, many species can be found here.

  • Waterfowl


    Dungeness is best known for its population of brant, but it also supports a wide range of other ducks and geese.

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  • Shorebirds


    Shorebirds such as dunlins and sanderlings can be found roosting and foraging for food in the Refuge's nearshore habitats.

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  • Seabirds


    A variety of seabirds from scoters to cormorants can be spotted swimming off the shores of the Spit.

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  • Birds of Prey


    Bald eagles and snowy owls perch stoically in the driftwood, scanning for prey.

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