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The refuge allows small game hunting, deer hunting, waterfowl hunting, and turkey hunting within the state seasons, with certain limitations and regulations.  Deer permits may be purchased online (credit card only) or at the refuge office (cash or check only).  Waterfowl draw permits may be applied for online, beginning September 1, and waterfowl standby permits may be purchased online after the drawing takes place or at the refuge office.

All hunters must check-in and check-out upon entering or leaving the hunt areas.  The check-in/out cards are located at all the hunt check station kiosks (see map).  

Click here to apply for Limited Draw Hunts including Deer and Waterfowl.

Small Game and Turkey hunts are non-limited hunts, it is only required that you have a valid state hunting license.  State bag limits and harvest restrictions apply.  The Refuge Public Use Regulation brochure is free of charge and you can obtain a copy at the refuge office, kiosks, check stations, or download it here.

Hunting Opportunities at the refuge


Dates 2016-2017

Youth Only



Sept. 24-30


Nov. 5-14 and Jan. 2-8


Nov. 9 and Feb. 4 


March 8-14

Small Game

Mississippi Zone 2


Oct 1 - Feb 28 (Closed Dec. 16-23)

(no dogs during deer gun hunts)

(dogs allowed Oct 1 - Nov 6, Dec 24- 25, Jan 9 - Feb 28)


Oct 15-Feb 28 (Closed Dec. 16-23) 

(no dogs during deer gun hunts)

(dogs allowed Oct 1 - Nov 6, Dec 24- 25, Jan 9 - Feb 28)


Nov 24 - Mar 4 (dogs allowed)

(Closed Dec. 16-23)


Dec 24 - Jan 31 (dogs allowed)

(Closed Dec. 16-23) 


Jul 1 - Feb 28 (night-time hunting only, dogs required) (Closed Dec. 16-23) 

Oct 1 - Feb 28,  (night-time hunting only, dogs required) (Closed Dec. 16-23) 

Deer (Fee Permit)

Mississippi Hill Zone


Oct. 1 – Dec. 15 and 

Dec. 24-Jan 31 (either sex) (Closed Dec. 16-23) 


Nov. 19- Dec. 1 and

Dec. 26–Jan. 1 (either sex)  (Closed Dec. 16-23) 

  Primitive Weapon

Nov. 7–18 (antlerless only) and

Dec. 2–15 (either sex)


Standby Draw Hunt only (Wednesday and Saturday mornings of State Season)


Mar 15 - May 1 (Closed April 17-24)


Deer:  Dec 16-23 (either sex)

Turkey:  Mar 17-24

See regulations in brochure for more information


Dec. 16-23


April 18-24

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Last Updated: Sep 10, 2016
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