Getting here

Cranes on refuge road

The Refuge manager is stationed on the US Forest Service side of the National California-Oregon Trail Center located at 322 North 4th St. in Montpelier, Idaho.

The Refuge is located about 10 miles from Montpelier. To get to the Refuge from Montpelier, take Hwy 89 south for about 3 miles and turn left onto a gravel road. This turnoff is marked with brown informational signs. Continue straight for about 5 miles until you see the refuge entrance sign. Continue straight for 2 more miles, bearing left at the "Y" to access the Auto Tour Route. From the south, head north on Hwy 89 and turn right at the brown informational signs in Paris (E 2nd N Street). Travel on this gravel road for about 3 miles and the refuge entrance will be immediately to your right once you cross the Outlet Canal bridge. See the map for this and other access points to the refuge.

Area Services The Bear Lake Valley has numerous services and accommodations available to visitors within a short driving distance. Further information may be obtained from: 

Bear Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau 

P. O. Box 26 

Fish Haven, ID 83287 

Phone (208) 945-2333 or (800) 448-2327. 

Camping - Public and private campgrounds are available nearby. Caribou National Forest maintains several public campgrounds, and private campgrounds are available throughout the valley