Willapa Art Trail

The Willapa Art Trail meanders just like the neighboring stream/Photo Courtesy of Richard Nocol

“An artist struggles to capture what nature effortlessly creates.”
Brian M. LaSaga

  • Using Art to Tell a Story

    Pick up a trail brochure from this warty jumping slug brochure holder/Photo Courtesy of Richard Nocol

    One of the first of its kind, this Refuge trail uses commissioned art pieces to teach refuge visitors about the wildlife and habitat found along this path. You’ll find an absence of the traditional educational sign here. Students from the University of Washington Public Arts Program designed, constructed, and installed the artwork for the trail under the direction of professors John Young, Ian Robertson, and Jim Nicholls. Scroll down to learn more about the people who made this trail possible.

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  • Trail Description

    Reflected in a nearby pond, this sculpture reminds viewers about extinction and hope/Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach


    Length (one-way) = 0.25 mi/0.4 km

    Trailhead Location =  Cutthroat Creek near milepost 24 on State Route 101. Trail starts through the green pedestrian gate in the southwest corner of parking area.

    Note: Boardwalk can be slippery when wet or icy. Please use caution during winter months.

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  • A Great Place for Wildlife

    Red-legged frog eggs are found in the ponds in early spring/Photo Courtesy of Dr. Madeline Kalbach

    The ponds, stream, fresh and salt water marshes, and forest teem with an abundance of wildlife. In the spring months look for rough-skinned newt breeding activity and large masses of red-legged frog eggs in the ponds. In summer, garter snakes soak up the sun in the salt marsh. Search the treetops throughout the year for roosting red tailed hawks and great blue herons. Look for evidence of black-tailed deer, river otter and Roosevelt elk.

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  • Partners

    Curious about who made this trail possible? Below is a list of contributors and funders:

    Allison Blevins, Amy Lambert, Becca Weiss, Bergeman Construction , Bev Arnoldy & Kelly Rupp, Duke Grenier, Erik Stromberg, Forest Foundation, Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, Gary Carpenter, Herbert Zahl Foundation, Hugh & Jane Ferguson Foundation, Ian Robertson, Ida Brown, Jacqye Jones, Jeff Anderson, Jim Nichols, John Ivie, John Young, Johnny Hartsfield, Kristen Boraca, McGeady Foundation, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, Nicki SucecRickenbach Construction, Sarah Corrado, Templin Foundation, TREX Company, University of Washington Public Arts Program, Weyerhaeuser, Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group, and Willapa Heritage Foundation