Rio Yaqui Fish Species

Refuge preserves for the future!
Mexican stoneroller/W. Radke

San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge completes Annual Native Fish Monitoring on Refuge and Private Lands - November 2011 findings.  Check back for the 2012 annual results.

Under the Endangered Species Act, the Yaqui fish species are afforded legal protection in adjacent Mexico; these facts warrant the annual monitoring of the populations of these species.

The wetland impoundment monitoring effort resulted in 220 samples being taken from 13 sites.

Facts About Rio Yaqui Fish Species

The fishes of the Río Yaqui – Yaqui topminnow, Yaqui chub, Yaqui beautiful shiner, Yaqui catfish, Mexican longfin dace, and Mexican stoneroller – are found in small numbers in the Upper Río Yaqui basin.  Four of the six species are listed under the Endangered Species Act.