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Elk Hunting

Hunting_Elk_ArticleHerd size management is an important objective of National Elk Refuge managers. Hunting helps to serve this objective and provide wildlife-dependent recreation to hunters. 

The starting point for hunting elk on the National Elk Refuge is obtaining a valid Wyoming elk hunting license through the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. Once hunters have a valid license, they are eligible to apply for an elk hunting permit on the refuge (Hunt Area 77).

Begin your application for a National Elk Refuge elk hunting permit by visiting the state's Access Yes! program web site, formerly called the Wyoming Game & Fish Department Private Lands Public Wildlife Access Program.

A National Elk Refuge 2016 Elk Hunting Information and Regulations four-page handout thoroughly explains the refuge permit application process, along with general elk hunting information, season and hunt period dates, hunt regulations, and an area map. Hard copies are available; the document is also available her via the link below. 

2016 Elk Hunting Information and Regulations (Adobe PDF)

Hard copies of the above information and regulations are available during the hunting season at the following Jackson, WY locations:

Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center
532 N. Cache Street

Wyoming Game & Fish Department
420 N. Cache Street

National Elk Refuge Administrative Office
675 E. Broadway Street 

Hunters are responsible for reading the National Elk Refuge hunting information and regulations specific to the hunt area where they are permitted and have them available while hunting on the refuge. 

Hunters do not need to apply to hunt in a specific unit within the National Elk Refuge. Hunters must understand and comply with weapons restrictions based on the area where they will be hunting. See the section entitled “On-Line Permit Application” in the information and regulations brochure for further information on obtaining a permit.

Elk hunters should also remember that permit holders with two valid Wyoming elk hunting licenses may use and fill both licenses while hunting on the refuge. Elk hunters attempting to fill two valid licenses during the same hunt period do not need to apply for two refuge permits.


Last Updated: Oct 17, 2016
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