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Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is part of a multi-refuge complex administered from Lakeview, Oregon. For questions related to management of fish, wildlife, fire, or recreation contact the Complex Office in Lakeview.

For questions regarding current road or campground conditions, fire restrictions, road closures, or other ongoing activities contact the Refuge Headquarters (541) 947-2731.

Complex Headquarters

20995 Rabbit Hill Road
PO Box 111
Lakeview, Oregon 97630

phone: 541-947-3315
fax: 541-947-4414



Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge 

Laurel Kullerud, (Acting) Refuge Manager

Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge Complex  

John Kasbohm, Refuge Complex Project Leader

Shannon Ludwig, Deputy Project Leader

Caitlin Simms, Administrative Officer

Gail Collins, Supervisory Wildlife Biologist

Kevin Goldie, Habitat Biologist

John Owens, GIS/ Data Management Specialist

Laurel Kullerud, Wildlife Refuge Specialist/ Visitor Services

Drew Taylor, Fire Management Officer

Geoffrey Wilson, Supervisory Forest Technician (Engine)

Cody St.Clair, Lead Forestry Technician (Engine)

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Laurel Kullerud, (Acting) Refuge Manager

Zack McCoy, Heavy Mobile Equipment Operator/ Maintenance Mechanic


Refuge Headquarters

38782 Hart Mountain Road, Plush OR
phone: 541-947-2731
fax: 541-947-3152