Funk Waterfowl Production Area

in Phelps County
520x222 Funk Vicinity Maps

Funk Waterfowl Production Area is the largest WPA within the Rainwater Basin. It is known nationally for its abundance of birds during the spring migration and the occasional occurrence of whooping cranes. The wetland extends about three miles in length and is dissected by roads and dikes, forming smaller management units.

Three separate pumping stations allow us to deliver water to seven different units. Beginning about 10 years ago, our office began the process of restoring the upland to a high diversity grassland ecosystem with up to 120 species of plants being seeded. As restoration progresses on one area, another portion of the upland is tilled under and prepared for restoration. By 2013, all of the upland areas being cropped will be reseeded to high diversity seed mixes.

Spring prescribed burning, summer grazing of the wetland, and spring and fall pumping are the common management actions done each year. Which units are treated varies from year to year.

Hiking trails exist along the length of the wetland, allowing visitors to come in close contact with both wetland and grassland habitats and the wildlife they support. A handicap viewing/hunting blind exists on the Peterson Unit.

Facts About Funk Waterfowl Production Area

Location: 4 miles north and 7 miles east of Holdrege, Nebraska

Size: 1989 acres: 1163 acres of wetland, 826 acres of upland

GPS: N 40.496, W -99.232

PDF Map: Funk WPA