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Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife species that rest, nest, feed and migrate through here. 

Between October and March, visitors are likely to see as many as 27 species of ducks, including green-winged teal, gadwall, shoveler and northern pintail. Huge flocks of snow geese, some times in excess of 80,000, feed in rice fields and moist soil units within the refuge. During spring and fall migrations, warblers and other songbirds can be seen or heard on walks in small wooded areas. Throughout the year, roseate spoonbills, great and snowy egrets, white-faced ibis and mottled ducks can be found on the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge.

Southeast Texas is also one of the best places in the nation to see alligators! During the spring, the sound of migrating songbirds is complimented by the bellow of alligators in search of a mate. Spring and fall are the best times to catch sight of these reptiles sunning themselves on the banks.

Though not commonly seen during daylight hours, river otter, raccoon, skunk, muskrat, and opossum are among some of the more common refuge residents. Bobcats are frequently seen crossing the roads or slipping through the vegetation early in the morning.

Be sure to check out our species pages for more information on the variety of wildlife at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge.