Guidance for Film Narrative Letter for Arctic Refuge

These are the application letter guidelines for a Commercial Motion/Still Photography permit for Arctic Refuge.

Please describe your planned photography/filming in a narrative letter addressed to the refuge manager and submit it with a completed special use permit application. This letter is in addition to the permit application and should convey clear, concise information covering all aspects of the planned production, including:

  • The company, type and number of employees on site;
  • Other people or companies involved in the photography/filming (ex. recreational or hunting guide companies);
  • Production equipment and methods to be used;
  • When photography/filming will take place (ex. specific dates and/or timeframe);
  • Where specifically the photography/filming will occur (ex. river drainage);
  • Why the filming/photography is desired (i.e. How do you intend to use your footage? Who will you market it to? What is your film’s message?);
  • The subject(s) of the filming/photography (ex. scenery, wildlife, biologists, hunters, etc.);
  • Travel methods used to arrive at filming location (ex. chartered air taxi, boat, raft);
  • Any additional information/explanations concerning your proposed activities.

Please be aware that helicopters are rarely authorized, therefore it is strongly suggested you plan on using other travel methods.

If you have any questions, please contact Permit Specialist Maria Berkeland at (907)456-0512 or