Submit a Regulation Proposal for Spring/Summer Subsistence Harvest of Migratory Birds

Alaska citizens and subsistence users are an integral part of the Federal regulatory process. Any person or group can submit proposals to change or improve Federal subsistence regulations, comment on proposals, and testify at meetings.


In general, proposals should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Regional season dates including closure periods
  • Bird species open or closed to harvest
  • Methods and means of harvest

Steps for Submitting a Proposal 

Submission Deadline is December 15.
  1.  Contact your regional migratory bird council representative for assistance and fill out the proposal form below.   We suggest contacting council members months in advance of the proposal submission deadline of December 15.   We encourage you to provide as much detail as necessary to justify your recommendations.

  2.  Have your regional migratory bird council representative submit your proposal between November 1 through December 15.  Submissions should be sent to the AMBCC Executive Director, Patty Schwalenberg:  email to  Call (907) 301-1747 for assistance or more information.