Caribou Hunting Regulations For Residents of Unit 23: What You Need to Know

Hunters age 18 and over need a hunting license. Low income and elder licenses are available. All caribou hunters need to obtain a state caribou registration permit (RC907) and report their caribou harvests. These permits are free.

Both licenses and permits are available from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in Kotzebue, or local village vendors. To reach the ADFG office, call (907) 442-3420 or (800) 478-3420.

This is a summary of caribou hunting regulations for most of the Northwest Arctic (Game Management Unit 23). Some parts of Unit 23 (Point Hope area) have slightly different regulations. Call us or look in the full regulation booklets for details.

State Resident Hunting Regulations (All Alaska Residents)Federal Subsistence Hunting Regulations (Permanent Residents of Unit 23)
Bag limit: 5 caribou per dayBag limit: 5 caribou per day
Bull harvest dates: Bulls open year-roundBull harvest dates: Bulls open year-round
Cow harvest dates: Cows CLOSED April 1 - Aug. 31Cow harvest dates: Cows CLOSED April 1 - July 30;

No taking of cows with calves July 31 - Oct. 14

Please Note: Hunting regulations vary somewhat depending on the land ownership status.

  • You must follow State regulations on State, private, and Native-owned lands.
  • You must follow Federal regulations on Cape Krusenstern National Monument and Kobuk Valley National Park (where only residents of the NANA Region may hunt).
  • You must follow Federal regulations on Federal lands in the Noatak/Agashashok/Eli and Squirrel River areas (which are closed to non-federally qualified users for caribou hunting).
  • Both sets of regulations apply on other Federal public lands.

Have Questions? Yes, this dual management system  is complicated. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Last updated December 2021