Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Webinar

June 17, 2013

1:00 – 4:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Monday, June 17

1:00-1:15 PM (#1) Informational:  Welcome for Co-chairs/Introductions/Adoption of Agenda/Approval of Minutes 

(Peg Brady, NOAA Fisheries/Jeff Underwood, Acting Assistant Director-Fish and Aquatic Conservation, FWS)

ANSTF Minutes of the Fall Meeting 2012
1:15-1:30 PM (#2) Informational: Review of Action Items from November 2013 Meeting
  1. Update on ANSTF opportunities to work with LCCs at next meeting (Stas Burgiel, NISC)
  2. Prevention Committee provide guidance for pathway management plans and a list of pathways to be

    considered for plan development (Stas Burgiel, NISC)
  3. Schedule an e-DNA session for the next ANSTF meeting in consultation with ANSTF members (Bill Bolen, EPA)
  4. Provide a link on the ANSTF website to the Invasive Lionfish: A Guide to Control and Management (Susan Mangin, ANSTF)
  5. Provide Laura Norcutt with Snakehead Plan comments by 12/21 (This date was moved back to give time for the

    WO to incorporate changes for consistency and format.) (Laura Norcutt, FWS)

    National Control and Management Plan for Members of the Snakehead Family (Channidae)
  6. Hold a members call to discuss agency processes for populating ANSTF Strategic Plan reporting matrix (Susan Mangin, ANSTF)

    ANSTF Strategic Plan
  7. Establish an ad-hoc committee to define Federal roles and responsibilities of all Federal ANSTF and NISC member

    agencies associated with the management of Dreissena mussels (Laura Norcutt, FWS)
  8. Have the Outreach Committee incorporate evaluation measures into the outreach efforts of the newly revised

    Recreational Guidelines to assess their impact on public behavior (Susan Mangin, ANSTF)
    Draft Recreational Guidelines
  9. The ANSTF will review the top 40 priorities for the National Asian Carp Plan by end of December (Susan Mangin, ANSTF)
  10. Crosswalk 40 priorities from the National Asian Carp Plan with the Asian Carp Framework to seek collaboration

    opportunities (Don MacLean, FWS/Bill Bolen, EPA)
    Draft 40 priorities for Asian Carp
  11. Address concerns about the Classroom Guidelines and have them ready for approval at the May 2013 meeting (Susan Mangin, ANSTF)
  12. Develop ANSTF report to Congress for FY13 (Susan Mangin, FWS)
1:30-1:40 PM(#3) Informational: Classroom Guidelines

(Laura Norcutt, FWS)
1:40-1:45 PM(#4) Informational: National Invasive Species Awareness Week Update

(Lori Williams, NISC)
1:45-2:15 PM(#5) Decisional: Michigan and Mississippi ANS Management Plans

(Don MacLean, FWS

Michigan's Aquatic Invasive Species State Management Plan 2013 Update

Decision - The ANSTF approves the Michigan ANS Management

Yes   __________     No   __________   Additional Action Required   __________

Mississippi State Management Plan for Aquatic Invasive Species

Decision - The ANSTF approves the Mississippi ANS Management

Yes   __________     No   __________   Additional Action Required   __________
2:15-2:25 PM(#6) Informational:  Ballast Water Regulations Update

(John Morris, U.S. Coast Guard, John Darling, EPA)
2:25-2:35 PM(#7) Informational: Asian Carp Surveillance Plan for Areas outside of the Great Lakes

(Craig Martin, FWS)
2:35-3:05 PM(#8) Informational: Panel Updates (10 min. each)

2:35-2:40 Great Lakes Panel

2:40-2:45 Northeast Regional Panel

2:45-2:50 Gulf and South Atlantic Regional Panel

2:50-2:55 Western Regional Panel

2:55-3:00 Mississippi River Basin Regional Panel

3:00-3:05 Mid-Atlantic Regional Panel
3:05-3:15 PM(#9) Panel Recommendations 

Western Regional Panel:
  1. Funding to support implementation components of QZAP.
  2. Increased support to the panel(s) i. Increase funding to allow the panel to conduct business; ii. Create new

    vehicles to allow the panel to receive funding as current restrictions limit panels from soliciting funds such as

    membership or registration fees. Alternative methods of soliciting funding are needed.

    (Note: The FY13 panel funding will be included in this discussion.)
  3. Provide an update on the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Program at the fall 2013 ANSTF meeting. The WRP is interested

    and concerned about the fate of this program.
3:15-3:25 PM(#10) National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan Update

(Peg Brady, NOAA/Lori Williams and Chris Dionigi, NISC)

National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan
3:25-3:55 PM(#11) Member Updates (Hot Topics Only)
3:55-4:00 PM(#12) Public Comment
4:00 PM(#13) Meeting Wrap up/Adjourn