Waterbird Conservation for the Americas North American Waterbird Conservation Plan Version 1

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The North American Waterbird Conservation Plan (the Plan) is the product of an independent partnership of individuals and institutions having interest and responsibility for conservation of waterbirds and their habitats in the Americas. This partnership— Waterbird Conservation for the Americas—was created to support a vision in which the distribution, diversity, and abundance of populations and habitats of breeding, migratory, and nonbreeding waterbirds are sustained or restored throughout the lands and waters of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

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James A. Kushlan
Melanie J. Steinkamp
Katharine C. Parsons
Jack Capp
Martin Acosta Cruz
Malcolm Coulter
Ian Davidson
Loney Dickson
Naomi Edelson
Richard Elliot
R. Michael Erwin
Scott Hatch
Stephen Kress
Robert Milko
Steve Miller
Kyra Mills
Richard Paul
Roberto Phillips
Jorge E. Saliva
Bill Sydeman
John Trapp
Jennifer Wheeler
Kent Wohl
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The Migratory Bird Program works with partners to protect, restore and conserve bird populations and their habitats for the benefit of future generations by: ensuring long-term ecological sustainability of all migratory bird populations, increasing socioeconomic benefits derived from birds,...
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