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The refuge is about three miles wide and twelve miles long, from north-to-south. Most visitors approach from the north on a county road that runs the length of the refuge, near it's western boundary. From Refuge Headquarters, which is near the mid-point of the refuge, travelling south along the county road, it is 65 miles to Elko and 78 miles to Wells to the north. Ely, Nevada is 96 miles south. The refuge's marshes are divided into North, East, and South Marsh areas. North marsh has the fewest landmarks, but includes the Fingers trailhead, the Bressman cabin archeological site, and the beginning of a collection ditch that runs south between the marsh and the county road to the Gallagher State Fish Hatchery, which is just a milke south of Refuge HQ. A Forest Service campground is also located less than a mile south of the Fish Hatchery. East Marsh is divided into several numbered units that a separated by dikes. The central Long Dike carries an auto tour route from near Bressman Cabin to a T-shaped intersection with Short Dike. Short dike separates Unit 21 from the remainder of East Marsh. The auto tour route encircles Unit 21, returning to the county road on Brown Dike. South of Brown Dike is South Marsh. The northern half of South Marsh is marked as a hunting area. In addition, several small ponds along the west edge of South Dike are marked as hunting areas. Near the middle of South Marsh, at the southern end of the main hunting area, is the Main Boat Landing which also has information and a restroom. A marked boating channel is shown travelling south from Main Boat Landing through the South Marsh to Narciss Boat Landing, which is at the southern end of South Marsh. Narciss also has information and a restroom. Areas near Narciss, Main Boat Landing, and Unit 21 are also shown as open to wading and float tubes. South of the Narciss Boat Landing is the Fort Ruby archeological site and the site of the Ruby Valley Pony Express Overland Station. Most of the refuge is located in Elko County, Nevada. The southern half of South Marsh is in White Pine County.
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