Native American Policy 2016

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Native American Policy 2016

This updated Native American policy (policy) provides a framework for government-to-government

relationships, which furthers the United States’ and the Department of the Interior’s trust responsibility to

federally recognized tribes to protect, conserve, and use tribal reserved, treaty guaranteed, or statutorily

identified resources. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and representatives from tribes across

the country worked together to update the policy. The policy articulates the principles for interactions

between the Service and tribal governments as they relate to shared interests in the conservation of fish,

wildlife, and their habitats, which include Service lands and the protection of cultural resources that exist on

Service lands. The Service and tribal governments recognize the need for strong, healthy communication

and relationships so that we can work together to improve and enhance conservation of fish and wildlife

resources and shared natural and cultural resource goals and objectives.

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