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Credit: Kiana Elders' Council. Alt-text: "Iñupiat Ilitqusiat AnunialguJiq: Hunter’s Success for Caribou Hunting: Always camp and hunt on the south side of the river; When caribou start crossing the river, wait until they’re half way across, and approach from the north side to keep the migration moving south; Sharing: hunting groups should take turns. If you already have caribou, let the next boat in line have a chance; Use smaller caliber rifles, for the safety of others; Shoot in a standing position from the front of the boat toward
the caribou, so bullets don’t travel toward other boats or camps; Respect the cabins you stop at and replace any source you
borrowed. Keep allotments and shorelines clean; Keep the land and water clean of trash. “We live on this land and drink from the river.”; Caribou permits and reporting your harvest will help on the survival of the herd. Thank you for your respect and abiding by our traditions - Kiana Elders’ Council.