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Kenai River Trail 1200.pdf

Kenai River Trail

Length: 5.4 Miles (One Way)

Grade: Moderate

Cross Slope: 2.6

Surface: Native

Special Features

This trail provides access to the Kenai River and is divided into upper and lower sections. All of the trail with the exception of about half a mile goes through the 2019 Swan Lake Fire Burn. Excellent views of the Kenai River canyon can be obtained as well as views of Skilak Lake and the Kenai Mountains.

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Refuge Map
A boat heads down a river lined by forests and mountains.
The Dena’ina people call this special place “Yaghanen” - the good land. It's also known as the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  From ice fields and glaciers to tundra, forests, and coastal wetlands, the Kenai Refuge is often called “Alaska in miniature." Biodiversity is unusually high for this...
A bright blue sky obstructed by fluffy white clouds reflected off of a stream shot from inside a kayak
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages an unparalleled network of public lands and waters called the National Wildlife Refuge System. With more than 570 refuges spanning the country, this system protects iconic species and provides some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities on Earth.