Figure 4. Alternative 2 (Proposed Project/Proposed Action) at Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge

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This is a detailed restoration plan for Alternative 2, the Proposed Project. A larger area of restored low marsh habitat, surrounded by areas of mid to high marsh to the north and south of the existing Model Marsh. are proposed under this alternative. The restored area would be connected to the South Beach Slough. Smaller areas of mudflat habitat would be restored at the intersections of the newly created intertidal channels. A separate smaller restoration area to the east of the main restoration site would be connected to the Old River Slough. Restored habitat would include intertidal channels surrounded by mid to high marsh. Native transitional habitat is proposed in small areas along both the northern and southern edge of the previously restored Model Marsh. Existing native transitional habitat would occur along the southern boundary of the site and native upland habitat would be present along the southeast and east edge of the restored wetland.