About this Collection

In 1972, Congress enacted the Federal Advisory Committee Act to ensure that advice by the various advisory committees formed over the years is objective and accessible to the public and this advice or recommendations is provided to the President or designated official. Besides creating this mechanism, the Act formalized a process for establishing, operating, overseeing, and terminating these advisory bodies and created the Committee Management Secretariat to monitor compliance with the Act.

Regardless of whether a federal advisory committee (FAC) is required by the President (Presidential), is required by statute (statutory), or is authorized by statute or created under agency authority (discretionary), a formal charter must be prepared and filed before the FAC can meet or take any action.

Besides establishing a FAC, the purpose of the charter is to specify the FAC’s mission or charge, specific duties, and general operational characteristics. Again, transparency and clarity are the primary objectives.

This library contains copies of all of the Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council's charters.