About this Collection

This library collection contains lesson plans and other resources designed to help teachers engage their students in thinking critically about the sagebrush ecosystem and ways to support it. Lessons are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, and they contain numerous adaptations /extensions to meet the divergent needs of students in grades 4 – 12. Care has been taken to incorporate the perspectives of diverse stakeholders, including plant and wildlife biologists, ecologists, educators, fire managers, indigenous peoples, and ranchers.

An educational program has been developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in collaboration with Engaging Every Student and other partners to help teachers inspire students to think critically about sagebrush sagebrush
The western United States’ sagebrush country encompasses over 175 million acres of public and private lands. The sagebrush landscape provides many benefits to our rural economies and communities, and it serves as crucial habitat for a diversity of wildlife, including the iconic greater sage-grouse and over 350 other species.

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ecosystems. Help us touch the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of young people over the next decade! With resources including lesson plans aligned to standards for grades 4-12, Sagebrush Ecosystem trunks developed by Audubon Rockies, short videos, an educational poster, and expert partners available for classroom visits and/or field work, we seek to connect with the next generation of land stewards.