About this Collection

The Rangewide Northern Long-eared Bat (NLEB) and Tricolored Bat (TCB) Determination key (DKey) is one of the tools in development and is only applicable to TCB if the final determination is to list the species under the Endangered Species Act. The goal of this DKey is to streamline review of routine, predictable projects that are not likely to adversely affect the NLEB and/or the TCB. The DKey is currently available for preview through the Service’s Information for Planning and Consultation-Beta (IPaC-Beta) website. The Beta version of IPaC is intended for testing purposes but will also allow project proponents to try out the DKey without creating official records. The final DKey is expected to go into the production version of IPaC this summer. Once the DKey is finalized in the production version of IPaC, project proponents will be able to receive automatic verification or concurrence for some actions and create official records for those outcomes for Endangered Species Act section 7 consultation.

The collection of documents below includes documents and information necessary for project proponents to complete the DKey for the NLEB and the TCB.