About this Collection

Since 1995, the New York Field Office has participated in over 20 separate settlement negotiations amounting to over $62 million for past costs and restoration of ecological, cultural, and recreational resources within the state of New York. In addition to implementing restoration, resulting from the settlements, NYFO is continuing assessment efforts at additional sites.  This library collection features the NRDAR settlements negotiated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (as the U.S. Department of the Interior) and sites in the assessment phase. You can search within this collection for the site settlement specific project or documentation that you seek. If the document you are looking for is not featured in this library, please contact our office via email to request a copy for viewing.

The Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR) Program is designed to restore natural resources that have been damaged or impacted by the release of hazardous substances or spills.  To fulfill the mission of restoring natural resources, the natural resource Trustees1 conduct a damage assessment to determine the extent of injury to natural resources caused by the hazardous substance release or oil spill. This information is used to determine the amount of restoration that is needed. Damage claims are for the cost of restoration, loss of use of the land or natural resources by the general public, and money spent to assess damages. Once the claim is resolved, the Trustees take action to restore the injured resources. Finally, the Trustees monitor the completed restoration projects to ensure success.

1 Natural resource Trustees include Federal and State agencies and Indian Tribes/Nations that have the responsibility and authority to protect natural resources.