Control and Disposition of Feral Animals

These laws authorize the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to control and dispose of feral and surplus range animals within the National Wildlife Refuge System.

50 CFR 30.11 Control of feral animals

50 CFR 30.12 Disposition of feral animals

50 CFR 31.14 Official animal control operations

50 CFR 30.2. Disposition of surplus range animals

50 CFR 31.2 Methods of surplus wildlife population control and disposal

50 CFR 30.11
50 CFR 30.12
50 CFR 31.14
50 CFR 30.2
50 CFR 31.2
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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages an unparalleled network of public lands and waters called the National Wildlife Refuge System. With more than 570 refuges spanning the country, this system protects iconic species and provides some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities on Earth.