Hunt/Fish Alignment and Access Training

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is leading a national effort to assess hunting and sport fishing regulations on all Service lands and waters for alignment to state regulations. In support of this effort, each Service region has identified a Regional Chief of Hunting and Fishing to report to headquarters and the National Chief of Hunting and Fishing. The Chiefs of Hunting and Fishing will promote new or expanded hunting and sport fishing opportunities, encourage regulatory alignment where compatible with State regulations, and work with regional leadership to communicate and expand partnerships with States in support of State-led recruitment, retention, and reactivation of hunters and anglers.

This series will explain the background of the effort and the multiple phases of the assessment process. These videos are intended to be viewed by refuges and hatcheries in preparation for their site visits with the Regional Chief of Hunting and Fishing. Please contact your Regional Chief of Hunting and Fishing with any questions.

Assessing Service Hunting and Fishing Regulations for Alignment and Access Opportunities

Part 1 (00:36:32)

Part 2 (00:26:20)

Presented by Kate Harrigan, Sportsmen's Access Coordinator.