2023 NCTC Eagle Update

The past week has been a busy one for the NCTC bald eagle pair!

  • Egg #1 was laid at 3:26 pm on Feb. 15.

  • Egg # 2 was laid at 6:53 pm on Feb. 18.

Less than an hour before the second egg was laid another eagle tried to land on the nest but was repelled and chased off.

Both eagles remain on alert for nest takeover attempts - usually by breeding age females (4-5 years old) in search of nesting territory.

Male and female eagles take turns incubating eggs for 35-38 days before the hatch. Watch for them to turn eggs with their beak about every hour!

You'll find the live video link along with photos, videos and commentary here

“Live from the Eagle’s Nest!”is our bi-weekly program during the bald eagle nesting season at the National Conservation Training Center. On each program we’ll catch up on the latest nest action and answer your eagle questions too. Teachers, students and anyone interested in bald eagles is welcome to join us on NCTC Livestream! https://livestream.com/nctc 

All programs start at 1:00 PM ET.

Upcoming Dates & Topics

  • March 16 - Eagle Nesting Behaviors
  • March 30 - Raptor Research Update
  • April 13 - Earth Day Special - Talk with a Veterinarian
  • April 27 - Eagles & Waterfowl:  The Junior Duck Stamp Program
  • May 11 - Eagles in the Media
  • May 25 - Students and Lifelong Birding
  • June 8 - Tracking Eagles
  • June 22 - Cutting-edge USGS Eagle Research
  • July 13 - FWS Eagle Repository
  • July 27 - Eagles in the Sky:  Aerial Population Surveys
  • Aug. 10 - Bald Eagles 101 & Citizen Science

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