Project Assessment Tools & Guidance

Birds are an important part of each ecosystem and act as strong indicators of environmental health. In addition to legal responsibilities to comply with protecting and conserving birds, it is in society’s best interest to prevent further impacts to birds and the habitats upon which they depend. Human activities are the biggest driver of bird population declines. The Migratory Bird Program is working with federal, state, industry and bird conservation groups to find innovative ways to reduce negative impacts on birds and implement strategic habitat conservation strategies to ensure bird populations persist.

The Migratory Bird Program is developing or has already developed recommendations, guidance, and other tools to help project proponents reduce impacts to birds and their habitats. The information, tools and training provided by the Migratory Bird Program are aimed at ensuring bird protection and conservation for future generations. Information, tools and training resources can be found on the Guidance Documents, Conservation Measures, Training, and Decision-Support Tools webpages. Please check back regularly for updated information.

Last Updated: September 8, 2015