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Videographers: Brett Billings, Ryan Hagerty, and Doug Canfield, USFWS/NCTC.

Video and Shot Logs

Alligator Gar (00:12:44)

Date shot:  August 2018

Date produced:  8/21/2018

Location:   USFWS Baton Rouge Fish and Wildlife Conservation office, St. Catharine’s Creek NWR, Mississippi

Description:  FWS researchers working with Alligator gar  (Atractosteus spatula)

(Shorthand WS = wide shot, MS = medium shot, CU = close-up shot, MCU = medium close-up shot)

  • MS workers in green jon boat motoring in backwater – lots of duckweed
  • WS  workers setting out nets in backwater
  • MS FWS workers letting net out
  • MCU/CU Biologist with acoustic receiver – hangs it over side of boat to read signals of fish nearby, CU computer on-board
  • WS workers running net
  • MCU throwing net into water
  • MCU 4 workers leaning over side of boat untangling gar from net
  • CU fish thrashes
  • WS workers in boat with second gar floating nearby – several shots
  • MCU workers untangle smaller gar
  • MCU workers untangle two gar
  • MS moving towards researchers untangling large gar over side of boat – several shots
  • MS female biologist lifts gar out of water
  • WS workers in boat with second gar floating nearby – several shots
  • MS workers standing in boat untangling large gar
  • MS putting gar in sling to weigh it and lifts it on-board
  • WS workers bringing in net with two gar
  • MCU – workers untangle big gar
  • MCU – going by boat – untangling gar
  • WS – untangling and releasing gar from boat – several shots
  • CU – workers untangling big green gar close to camera – two shots
  • WS – workers bring in large gar while standing in boat, second gar floats near boat
  • CU / OTS – female biologist pulls up huge gar head with net in teeth
  • MS team leaning over edge of boat close to water, releasing large gar out of water
  • MS team driving gar in sling to bank for weighing
  • MCU female biologist and guy in blue shirt release large gar
  • UNDERWATER – CU of gar head and mouth
  • UNDERWATER – PAN body of fish, several shots
  • UNDERWATER – Tilt up from fish to female biologist just above water’s surface – several shots
  • MCU female biologist and guy in blue shirt release second big gar
  • END

Asian Carp Chicago 2 (00:09:54)

Date shot:  May 2017

Date produced:  4/18/2018

Location:   Chicago Sanitary Canal, Illinois

Description:  SLO-MOTION Footage (60 fps) - USFWS scientists use electrofishing boats to find and sample invasive Asian carp

  • MS FWS fisheries crew electrofishing for silver carp along shoreline, silver carp (Hypopthalmichthys molotrix) jumping out of water – several shots
  • MCU many fish jumping as workers net fish
  • CU Boat operator
  • CU Silver Carp in boat
  • WS Boat under bridge – huge school of silver carp jumps out of water all at once – GREAT SHOT!
  • END

Bozeman Fisheries 1 (00:10:32)

Date shot: 9/30/15

Date produced:  May 22, 2018

Location:   Bozeman Fish Technology Center, MT

Description:  USFWS scientists at work studying fish

  • CU Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in swim chamber (shots of head, fins, etc…)
  • MS Scientist in lab coat writing down observations
  • MCU female fisheries scientist in lab coat watching arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) in large swim chamber through window
  • MS underwater of grayling in swim chamber
  • MS from inside swim chamber looking at scientist from fish’s point of view
  • End

Magna Carpa 1 (00:10:45)

Date shot:   9/6/17

Date produced:  July 12, 2018

Location:  Lamine River, Missouri

Description:  USFWS Columbia Fisheries office workers (Missouri) prepare electrofishing boat “The Magna Carpa” for invasive Asian carp detection and sampling.  Overhead shots of boat at work in river.

  • Crew prepares boat for work at ramp
  • Boat lowers ‘wing” nets and samples fish
  • Workers measure collected fish
  • More sampling shots in river
  • END

Magna Carpa 4 (00:06:54)

Date shot:  9/6/17

Date produced:  July 12, 2018

Location:   Lamine River, Missouri

Description:  USFWS Columbia Fisheries office workers (Missouri) prepare electrofishing boat “The Magna Carpa” for invasive Asian carp detection and sampling.  Shots of boat at work from second boat.

  • Crew prepares boat for work at ramp
  • Boat lowers ‘wing” nets and samples fish
  • View from behind as boat samples fish with jumping silver carp (Hypopthalmichthys molotrix) all around
  • Side view while sampling
  • Workers measure and record info
  • CU silver carp in tub
  • MS sampling in Missouri River
  • Silver carp jumping
  • Workers processing car
  • END

Northwest Fisheries A (00:09:03)

Date: 01/13/2016

  • Building with signs – Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery (NFH) with logo of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Pan down to several people taking notes while standing in front of the above building
  • Fishery worker standing in waterway with screen in hatchery-in front of screen are many salmon-Sockeye (Oncorhynchus nerka)
  • Chute with water rushing through also many salmon
  • Gold colored school bus with name Trout Lake School District No. 400. One person-adult woman exiting
  • School bus-White Salmon Valley School District No. 405
  • Several people, one of whom is a woman in jacket with USF logo on sleeve
  • Man and woman standing in front of lake-both have fishing poles
  • Same scene as No. 8 but many small boats now visible
  • Young woman pouring water in large metal basin containing salmon eggs-zoom in on eggs
  • Adult male working in lab wearing cap with FWS logo on it
  • Two women and one man in lab-one woman holding up basin with Salmon eggs
  • Adult male picking up Salmon (sockeye?) from table slicing it open and emptying eggs into large basin
  • Close-up of Salmon eggs being poured into basin
  • Close-up of Salmon being picked up from round table and squeezing milk from it into basin with eggs
  • Round table with several Salmon
  • Several people picking up basins from stacks on table
  • Several people in lab-one putting Salmon on round table
  • Woman on cart-driving through lab
  • Close-up of Salmon eggs being poured into trays
  • Close-up of man pouring Salmon eggs into trays
  • Close-up of trays
  • Close-up of fish head
  • Woman in lab pushing fish along
  • Close-up of round table with Salmon
  • Young woman carrying large Salmon slicing it open and pouring into large basin
  • Wide angle view of lab with many things going on
  • Woman holding child and overlooking lake-background of low mountains and gray sky
  • Same woman and child observing painting of Salmon with two workmen, one pouring eggs, the other milk
  • Same woman and child overlooking lake with 1 shot on right-small trees
  • Same woman and child walking along lake bank
  • Two women using long pole and net to catch Salmon in rushing water
  • Man doing same
  • Close-up of fish in net
  • Several nets draped in water along rushing water
  • Close-up of skin of Salmon
  • Other view of same
  • Two Salmon fillet on grill being cooked
  • Cement enclosure with many Salmon with grill door shut
  • Back to smoke pit with three pieces of fish smoking
  • Two young women and several people dressed in fish costumes, and in raccoon costume
  • Several people dancing/walking behind native banging drum
  • Scenic: waterway with several trees on shore-background of mountains and blue grey sky
  • Scenic: shallow waterway with trees on shore background of angled mountains-pale blue sky
  • Closer view of trees, shallow water, mountains, blue sky. Zoom out for wider angle view. Good reflections in water.
  • End (30)

Northwest Fisheries B (00:10:04)

Date: 01/13/2016

  • Shallow water way with leaves of brush on upper right-fish can be seen swimming-zoom in for close-up of fish-Sockeye Salmon with white mold on back
  • Zoom in on Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)-one comes in from right side-turns around and swims parallel to other one Zoom in for closer view of head
  • Follows Sockeye Salmon by panning left
  • Shallow water with stones on bottom. Salmon swimming
  • Aerial view of side of mountain-road below-small projection of parking lot and buildings below lower left has grass-pine trees-can see trucks on roadway
  • Scenic Crescent shaped side of mountain with waterway on right, grass, brush, pine trees on left-Zoom in for view as in #6
  • Scenic waterway running lower left to mid right-lower right corner is pine trees-background dark green
  • Zoom in with mainly waterway, pine trees on right-mostly waterway
  • Scenic: River lower left to lower right-pine tree on right lower corner-background low mountains-blue gray sky
  • Zoom in to show more of side of mountain with pine trees and grass in lower right-river lower left mountains and blue sky background
  • Scenic: Misty view of harbor with drawbridge-zoom out slowly for wide angle view
  • Scenic: foreground in river-drawbridge-Pine tree on left blue sky with wispy white clouds background
  • Scenic: Water way foreground-pine trees-mid right several mountains in background with low lying clouds-blue gray sky, Zoom in for close-up
  • Zoom back out for wide angle view
  • Scenic: Misty view of layers of pine trees-kite skier in waterway
  • Scenic waterway-mountains-ship approaching from left
  • Small boat in lower right-paddle boat enters from right, background is side of mountain
  • Background is side of mountain-foreground is waterway with multiple small boats
  • Fisherman holding rod-paddle boat seen faraway
  • Small boat-man casting-dog next to him
  • Very small boat with man fishing
  • Several small b oats-paddle steamer enters from right zoom out for wide angle view
  • Small boat with two men-one holding rod-the other is holding net with chinook salmon
  • Several small boats
  • Wide angle view of several small boats-zoom in several times for close-ups
  • Single small boat-background of mountains-with low lying white clouds
  • Single small boat moving left to right background mountains with low lying clouds
  • Wide angle view-small boat tending net-other small boats in distance-background of base of mountains
  • Close-up of two men in small boat tending net
  • Zoom out for wide angle view of same
  • END

San Marcos 1 (00:08:20)

Date shot:  May 2017

Date produced:  4/26/2018

Location:  San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center, Texas

Description:  Underwater footage in San Marcos River, TX

  • Texas wild rice plants flowing in clear water
  • USFWS divers surveying for salamanders underwater
  • Various panfish using rice plants
  • USFWS divers amongst Texas wild rice plants
  • USFWS divers working over “cream-of-wheat” springs
  • USFWS divers in yellow suits working in Spring lake, TX
  • END

San Marcos 3 (00:09:35)

Date shot:  May 2017

Date produced:  4/26/2018

Location:  San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center, Texas

Description:  Underwater salamander footage (aquarium) and topside biologist footage

  • Texas Blind Salamander – various shots, shot of a pair on rocks
  • Barton Springs Salamander in rocks, in weeds
  • MS Biologist at San Marcos working with native Texas wild rice in raceways
  • MCU Biologist collecting seeds from Texas wild rice in San Marcos River
  • CU Texas Wild rice
  • END

Snakehead Electrofishing 1 (00:09:42)

Date shot:  Oct. 25, 2012

Date produced:  July 13, 2018

Location:  Indian Head, MD

Description:  FWS fisheries crew from Chesapeake Bay Field office sample for invasive northern snakehead fish (Channa argus) with electrofishing boat

  • Crew in boat sample along shorelines, open water, aquatic weed patches for northern snakeheads.  Fall scenery trees along shore.  Workers weigh fish and put in livewell.
  • Close-ups of northern snakeheads caught by Virginia Dept. of gamer and Inland Fisheries crew.
  • CU Snakehead on measuring board.
  • END