Grand Teton Association


The refuge's partnership with the Grand Teton Association is unique because not only does the association work to increase public understanding and enjoyment of the National Elk Refuge, but it provides funding critical to refuge interpretive, educational, and research projects.

Cooperating associations developed early in National Park Service history in response to visitors' need for inexpensive guides, pictures, maps, and other interpretive literature not otherwise available through the use of federal funds. Today, there are more than 80 associations providing services to federal agencies. 

The Grand Teton Association was formed in 1937. Since its inception, the association has expanded and operates interpretive sales areas in all Grand Teton National Park visitor centers, the park's Menor's Ferry historic district, the Jackson Hole Airport, nineteen district ranger stations on two national forests, and at the refuge's Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center and historic Miller House. The association does much more than simply operate book stores. True to their nonprofit status, the association provides funds critical for the agencies' commitment to educational programming. After paying for staffing and the cost of the products, the Grand Teton Association returns all sales proceeds to the respective federal agencies to fund interpretive and educational programs. 

The Grand Teton Association has funded key projects for the National Elk Refuge, including the restoration of the historic Miller House in 2005, many programs and costs related to the refuge's centennial in 2012, and, most notably, the purchase and subsequent 2011 donation of the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center to the National Elk Refuge. Many of the refuge's educational programs and seasonal staff are the direct result of the outstanding partnership with the Grand Teton Association.