Current Road Conditions at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge

Weather, repairs, and wildlife management activities have led to the temporary closures of several refuge roads to vehicles and/or general public access. The descriptions below summarize current road status as of September 25, 2023. A complete map of the refuge can be found in the Refuge Tearsheet.

Roads and units in purple are closed to all traffic. More details about the closures can be found in the story below.

Upper and Lower Creef Units

The Lower Creef unit, between Link, Bear, Grouse, and Long Curve Roads, has been reopened to public entry and vehicle traffic.

The Upper Creef Unit, which lies east of Milltail Road and north of Link Road and includes Gadwall, Bobcat, Creef, Peterson, and Sprigtail Roads, has been closed for resource management and will remain closed to all public entry until March 1.

Twiford Unit

The Twiford Unit is west of Milltail Road and east of Buffalo City Road. The unit is currently open to vehicle traffic through October.

Laurel Bay Unit

The Laurel Bay Unit is the farming unit west of Buffalo City Road. The unit is currently open to vehicle traffic through October.

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