A long and slender fish, dark in color, with white spots, swimming along a grass covered stream bed.

Fishing Regulations

Fishing is allowed in accordance with Federal regulations governing public use on national wildlife refuges as set forth in Title 50 of the Code of Federal Regulations, State regulations, and the Refuge-specific regulations in this brochure.

  • J. Clark Salyer NWR is open to shore and/or ice fishing April 1 through March 31 in designated public fishing areas.
  • Boat and bank fishing are allowed only on designated areas of the Refuge. Bow fishing and open-water spear fishing are not allowed.
  • Signs that say “Public Fishing Area” are posted at each area open to fishing. See the public fishing area descriptions and locations on the map.
  • Boat fishing is allowed in Public Fishing Areas 2 and 14 from May 1 through September 30. Only non-motorized boats and boats with electric trolling motors are allowed.
  • Bank fishing is allowed in Public Fishing Areas 1-14. Ice Fishing Ice fishing is allowed on all Refuge waters from December 15 until the ice melts. Anglers are cautioned to be aware of thin ice, particularly near water control structures.
  • Ice fishing access is walk-in only.
  • Only portable ice fishing houses are allowed. Ice fishing houses and other equipment must be removed from the Refuge at the end of each day. 
Laws, rules, and regulations