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Booking Overnight Camping Permits

AerialCanoeTrail_OCt2016_512Please check trail conditions and any closures before your next trip.

NOTICE:  March 2, 2017

Overnight Canoe Permit System

  • Beginning on Monday March 20, 2017, we will begin booking overnight camping permits 2 MONTHS in advance.  Due to recent rains, water levels in the swamp have reached a level where we are able to reopen the majority of the overnight stops.  
  • Refer to for the most up-to-date information on which sites are currently being booked.
  • Campfires are permitted at Stephen C. Foster State Park, Mixons Hammock, and Canal Run. All wood used in campfires must be purchased onsite.

 Day-Use Boating

  • Currently, there are limited opportunities to day-use canoeing/kayaking.  Visitors should use their best judgement in attempting to paddle or boat through areas with floating peat and avoid blow ups. 
  • Visitors should check with Okefenokee Adventures (912-496-7156) or Stephen C. Foster State Park (912-637-5274) staff before going out on the water trails.    
  • Please use extreme caution when going out on the water trails in your personal boat with motor or canoe/kayak.  There are areas in the prairies where there is very little water and you may find yourself hung up on a peat battery just below the surface.  It is hard to tell where these areas are due to the dark color of the water. Visitors should ensure their motor's water pump is working properly when boating through areas of submerged vegetation. 





Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017
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