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Migratory & Resident Bird Species on the Refuge
Forster's tern feeding mate

As the Refuge name suggests, migratory birds are a priority at Bear River. Like the Forster's terns pictured above, many of the migratory birds return to Refuge wetlands to breed and raise their young, while many other species continue northward to breed in the northern U.S., Canada and along the tundra.  The Refuge also boasts many resident species - staying in Utah all year long, as well as a few migratory species that actually only visit the Refuge in winter months.

There Refuge is happy to offer other ways to learn about what birds are being seen on the Refuge.  One way would be to follow our Refuge BIRDING BLOG!  Another way to learn about the birds around the Refuge is to know more about just WHEN to look for them.  Click here to download our BIRD HAPPENINGS BY THE MONTH document to learn more.

Facts About Birds

Over 270 bird species have been recorded on and around the Refuge.  For a full Refuge Bird List, please download the Refuge Bird List brochure.  You can also keep track of what species are being seen on our Bird Sightings page!
Last Updated: Nov 05, 2012
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