Fisherman standing on the rocky lake edge at Quanah Parker Lake.

Fishing is permitted in all refuge lakes in the public use section of the refuge. Refuge waters include 12 manmade lakes totaling approximately 500 acres. Fishing season is year-round. Available species include largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie and channel catfish. 

Only an Oklahoma State fishing license is required to fish on the refuge. Fish may be taken with poles and lines or rods and reels. Since wading is permitted when fishing, fishermen may use tube type floaters, life jackets or buoyant vests. Obtaining any type of bait from refuge lands or waters is prohibited, as is taking of frogs and turtles.

Hand-powered boats, as well as electric trolling motors on boats 14 feet or less, are permitted on Jed Johnson, Rush, Quanah Parker and French Lakes. Boats of any size are permitted on Lake Elmer Thomas, but a "no wake" speed limit is enforced lake-wide. Personal water craft, such as Jet Skis, Sea-Doos, Wave-Runners and others are prohibited. 

 Oklahoma Fishing Regulations 

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Surface Area of Lakes

 Name of Lake        Surface Acreage     Additional Information 
Sunset Pool 1.1 acres  
Elmer Thomas 360 acres 2 accessible piers, concrete boat launch, dock 
Quanah Parker 96 acres Accessible fishing pier
Jed Johnson 57.5 acres boat ramp
Rush 51.6 acres boat launch area
French 35 acres boat launch area
Lost 10.2 acres oldest Refuge lake
Caddo 11.4 acres  
Burford 7.1 acres second oldest lake
Osage 5.5 acres  
Treasure 2.9 acres  
Post Oak 2.8 acres  
Crater 9.3 acres
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