A group of school-age kids walking along a path in a dry environment

Hiking is allowed in all areas open to the public. The refuge has two trails that are open year-round during daylight hours. Both wildlife trails are relatively flat and are fully disabled-accessible. There is also a four-mile loop service road that completely encircles North Pond, and visitors may choose to walk the whole route, though thorny vegetation, insect activity, and traffic along the 1.5 mile portion along Highway 12 make this less enjoyable for some. In addition, visitors may enjoy walking along the 12 miles of beach on the refuge.  

Obey all posted signs and do not enter any areas marked with 'Area Closed' signs. The refuge dikes around South Pond and New Field ponds are closed to all entry to prevent disturbance to the waterfowl. During summer, temporary closures are set up around seabird nesting colonies and sea turtle nesting sites. Please stay away from nesting areas to minimize disturbance during this sensitive period of their life cycle.