An image of a family watching wildlife while on a walk.

At the refuge visitors are able to observe wildlife year-round in many different habitats. Some great spots are the wetlands located along the Winterberry Way, Taylor Way, and Otter Alley trail. Our handicap-accessible fishing/observational pier on puffer pond is also an excellent place to see wildlife. Please no picking or disturbing wildlife or vegetation.  

Some Tips: Other wildlife watchers will appreciate your consideration.  

  • Take your time, be alert and quiet
  • Observe from the sidelines. Do not disturb a wild animal, they may feel threaten.
  • Listen carefully for calls, splashes, and other wildlife noises. Many animals camouflage very well, and it takes a while to see them.
  • Look for signs of animals. Search for tracks, missing bark on trees, burrows, feathers, scat, and other signs animals have been in the area. 

  • Do not offer snacks; human food could disrupt wild digestive systems. 

  • Leave “abandoned” young animals alone. A parent is probably close by waiting for you to leave.