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Right of Way Permit and Final Environmental Assessment Available

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has finalized an environmental assessment and permit for a submarine fiber optic telecommunications cable to pass through the Trench Unit of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument.

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Mariana Trench Children's Activity Book

Discover the Mariana Trench with this downloadable activity book.

Activity Book

Northern Islands Submerged Lands Transfer

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of the Interior formally reached an agreement for the transfer of submerged lands around the islands of Farallon de Pajaros (Uracas), Maug, and Asuncion and associated mineral rights to the CNMI. Check out the fact sheet below for the most recent update on the transfer.

Fact Sheet about the Submerged Lands Transfer

Explore Earth's Deepest Point From Home

Only a handful of people have explored our planet's deepest point, but thanks to experts at NOAA you can now explore the Mariana Trench from the comforts of your own home. Click the link below to learn more.

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Fact Sheet

Monument Fact Sheet

Located in the Mariana Archipelago east of the Philippines,the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument protects approximately 95,216 square miles of submerged lands and waters.

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Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The Mariana Trench Monument Advisory Council (MTMAC) provides advice and recommendations on the development of management plans and management of the monument.

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About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife, and plants.

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