Duck hunter looks skyward and takes aim with his shotgun.

Hunting is a deep rooted traditional pastime in the greater ACE Basin. ACE Basin NWR has been a favorite spot for local hunters, who return year after year to hunt deer on this 12,000-acre refuge. Hunts for deer and feral hogs are allowed in specific areas and scheduled annually. Known as primitive hunting, hunters are only allowed to use the bow and black powder muzzle loader.

Two hunt units, the Combahee and Edisto, offer a total of seven hunts for archery and muzzleloader hunters throughout the season. Since the refuge began restricting hunters to taking bucks with three or more points, hunters have seen a substantial increase in quality hunts on the refuge. The deer management program also encourages hunters to take does, keeping the herd in better balance. 

A special Mobility Impaired Hunt for deer and hogs is offered annually in November with hunters permitted to use ground blinds and center-fire rifles.

While impoundments on the refuge are not open to hunting, the marsh and tidal creeks offer opportunities for waterfowl hunters. Hunts for ducks, geese and coots are offered in certain areas of the refuge and within certain time periods. Waterfowl hunts are in accordance with the State season and State regulations and hunters use only federally approved nontoxic shot.

Hunting on the refuge follow those regulations stated in Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations. Hunters may only use firearms in accordance with refuge regulations 50 CFR 27.42 and 50 CFR 32. General and specific hunting regulations are found in the refuge hunting and fishing regulations brochure.


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