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  • Stock Exchange: Sustained Collaboration Produces Healthier Fish

    Quinault Chinook

    What do you get when two hatchery programs combine forces?

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  • It's moving day at Quinault National Fish Hatchery!

    Quinault Indian Nation Hatchery workers move steelhead to a tribal facility (Credit-Ben Gilles/USFWS)

    We have had the Quinault Indian Nation's (Nation) Salmon River steelhead on station for about nine months and it’s time for them to go back the tribe's facilities! 

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what's happening at the hatchery

The Adults Are Here!!!

Spawning is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 7th and 8th.  We will be spawning chum and sorting through over 4,000 fish on those two days!  There will be a further coho spawn Nov. 13th or 14th.

Stop on in to see the crew going through Coho, Steelhead, and Chum!  Call 360-288-2508 for more information on spawning days.   

Hope to see you here!

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Recent Fish Returns

As of November 05, 2018, 7891 adult Coho have returned to Quinault NFH.

As of November 05, 2018, 63 adult Winter Steelhead have returned to Quinault NFH.

As of November 05, 2018, 648 adult Chum have returned to Quinault NFH.

Last Updated: May 24, 2019
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